2 November, 2018


Serena Hotel, Dushanbe.


5 speakers


70 seats

Big event starts

About the event

Join TEDxFSCJ for Fearless Innovation, a salon exploring how innovators in Tajikistan and across Northeast Florida are defying the frontiers of the familiar. In collaboration with Florida State College Jacksonville and the U.S. Embassy in Dushanbe we will use live video streaming to connect thought leaders in Florida with innovators located right here in Dushanbe.

Co-hosted by TEDxDushanbe organizer, a public speaking pro Parviz Jamalov, our evening will feature 3 local innovators: a financial technology expert and a prominent entrepreneur Abdullo Kurbanov, a cybersecurity and IT genius Abdurahmon Abdurashidov and a social entrepreneur and community leader Nasiba Mirpochoeva.

Joining us from Jacksonville, Florida will be the Shiva Robotics Academy Foudner Kalai Sankar, the Chief Technology Officer Jane Landon and an FSCJ student and the salon event co-host Lauren Hutchinson.

Drawing on their extensive experience challenging the bounds of technology, culture, and ideas, our speakers will discuss how transformative thinking begins with innovative educators, how technology functions as a catalyst to social change, how technological evolution is changing the way we live as well as do business, and how women’s leadership can renew and empower communities across the globe.

4 reasons to attend the TEDxFSCJ Salon Event

Feel the spirit of official TED Talks!

There are many talks… but TED talks are one of a kind. Created in the spirit of Ideas Worth Spreading TEDx is designed to stimulate dialogues through TED-like experiences locally.

Behold the first Official TEDx Salon event in Dushanbe!

Experience a unique salon event that enables lively discussions, allowing attendees to actively participate in the event.

Enjoy the live video streaming that will connect Dushanbe and Jacksonville.

A real-time live video feed discussion will involve 5 innovators from both sides who will discuss what takes to be fearless innovations in business, education, social work, culture and science.

Use the momentum and expand and meet new people.

The TEDxFSCJ event in Dushanbe presents a great networking opportunity as 70 people who share the spirit of TED will attend.

Event Agenda

02 Nov, 2018


Registration open


Registration close


Greetings by the TEDxFSCJ Moderator


Introductory TED video screening


Welcome Remarks by US Embassy Representative


Welcome Remarks by Tcell Representative


Welcome Remarks by Coca-Cola Tajikistan Representative

19 : 30 - 19 : 40

Intermission, entertainment performance


Jacksonville intro video & Inspirational TED talk video


Going “live” with Jacksonville, Florida


Dushanbe and Jacksonville greeting each other

18:22 - 19:20

Panel Discussion Questions

19:20 - 19:30

Audience Questions


End of the TEDxFSCJ event

19:35 - 21:00

Photoshoot, Gala dinner at the Rudaki Restaurant

our speakers

Abdullo Kurbonov
Abdullo Kurbanov

Entrepreneur, Founder & CEO of Alif Capital

Aburahmon Abdurashidov
Aburahmon Abdurashidov

Startuper, Founder of Durandesh IT company

Nasiba Mirpochoeva
Nasiba Mirpochoeva

Social Entrepreneur & Community Leader

Kalai Sankar
Kalai Sankar

Founder of Shiva Robotics Academy

Jane L. Landon
Jane L. Landon

Senior Vice President and Chief Technology Officer at

our hosts

Lauren Hutchison
Lauren Hutchison

Project Manager at, FSCJ honor student

Parviz Jamalov
Parviz Jamalov

Communications & Projects Officer at the British Embassy Dushanbe, Organizer of TEDxDushanbe event

sponsors & partners


Muhammad Mirzoev
Muhammad Mirzoev
Rukhshona Narzulloeva
Rukhshona Narzulloeva
Parviz Jamalov
Parviz Jamalov

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